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Resettling in Romania

As a company with more than 14,000 Ukrainian team members, EPAM understands the challenges faced by millions of people across Ukraine, including the many who have been forced to leave the country. Our teams on the ground and around the world have been doing everything possible to support our Ukrainian colleagues and their families. Their safety is our top priority. 

In supporting our colleagues, we have collected a vast amount of information about arriving and resettling in a new country, either temporarily or permanently. We are now sharing it here in the hope it could be valuable to you or someone you know.

Please note that the information is subject to change at any given time due to rapidly changing circumstances.




Biometric foreign passport

All Romanian and Moldavian border crossings are open for Ukrainians and other nationalities. Effective from 10:00 p.m. on February 24, 2022, people coming from Ukraine are receiving special refugee status upon entry to Romania allowing any further admin/paperwork to be settled after entry

Ukrainian nationals may enter Romania through:  

  • UA: Slatina (Solotvino) → RO: Sighetu Marmatiei
  • UA: Tereblecea (Porubne) → RO: Siret
  • UA: Tereblecea (Porubne) → RO: Siret
  • UA: Tereblecea (Porubne) → RO: Siret
  • MD (Moldavia) Leuseni → RO: Albita

Helping points, overnight facilities, food, water, warm waiting places are operated at the borders.


Here is current information: Trafic Online - Politia de Frontiera


  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Talon (vehicle registration certificate)
  • Green card / Border Insurance


UA nationals or other citizens living in Ukraine can enter Romania with no required quarantine (irrespective of whether they come from UA directly or via the Republic of Moldavia).

Some hotels may require a COVID-19 green pass.


Citizens of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the Republic of Serbia can be employed in Romania with a full-time individual employment contract, for a maximum period of 9 months in a calendar year.

For all the above, it’s not necessary to obtain the work permit for the employment of foreigners in Romania.


Citizens of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the Republic of Serbia can be employed in Romania with a full-time individual employment contract, for a maximum period of 9 months in a calendar year.

For all the above, it’s not necessary to obtain the work permit for the employment of foreigners in Romania.




How can you get a free ticket?

Based on the identity documents confirming the entry on the Romanian territory, you can obtain a free “Help Ukraine Ticket” valid for 2nd class Regio and Interregio trains, including the seat reservation on the trains with compulsory reservation.

How can you get the “Help Ukraine Ticket”?

You can buy free travel tickets from the:

  • ticket offices in the railway stations and the CFR Călători travel agencies
  • train staff, based on the identity document confirming the entry on the Romanian territory

What documents must be presented on the train?

When checking the legality of the journey, you must present your free travel tickets and an identity document.

Exceptions to the obligation to present identity documents are minors, who can travel only accompanied by an adult and who will present only the free travel ticket of “Help Ukraine Ticket” type.

Can I travel freely in international traffic with the “Help Ukraine” offer?

The “Help Ukraine” offer allows free travel in international traffic, given the following tariff and commercial conditions:

  •  It is valid only for cross-border journeys, departing from a station on the CFR Călători network, and arriving in a station on the networks of the following carriers: MAV (Hungary), OBB (Austria), DB (Germany), CFF (Switzerland), ZSSK (Slovakia) and CD (Czech Republic).
  • The offer shall be issued only for travellers of Ukrainian nationality or with another nationality but residing in Ukraine.
  • The offer is valid only for the outgoing journey, at 2nd class.
  • On the ticket, in the “Trains” field, only the number of the cross-border train between CFR and MAV shall be written.
  • The offer shall be issued for a maximum of 5 passengers.
  • Seat reservation (day, sleeping, berth coach) is mandatory and shall be paid in full.
  • The offer shall be issued until March 31, 2022, and with its first day of validity until March 31, 2022.

For tickets issued with the “Help Ukraine” offer, seat reservations shall be issued only for direct trains between CFR (Romania) and MAV (Hungary) / OBB (Austria), namely for Budapest / Vienna, regardless of the arrival station written on the ticket (the ticket may be issued for DB, CFF etc.).

Important to know!

For a 1st class travel or to the sleeping/berth car, the tariff differences will be paid in full of the issuance of a separate ticket in addition to the free ticket.

Travel tickets of “Help Ukraine Ticket” type are valid for the train and the date for which they were issued and do not entitle to the postponement / anticipation / interruption of the journey.

For information for refugees from Ukraine about free travel by train on Romania’s territory – CFR Calatori, click here


LOT Polish Airlines is now at IASI Airport from Romania for the first time. They will operate direct flights to and from Warsaw until April 10, 2022.

LOT supplements the number of international flights at Iasi Airport, in order to support people arriving from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

To book, click here


Green Card/Border Insurance : to drive in Romania legally, you must have a green card – a special type of insurance that compensates the costs to another driver if you are guilty in a traffic incident. You have 2 options to obtain a Green Card:

  • Buy one in your home country online, print it (black and white copy works well), and keep it with you when you drive.
  • Buy one in Romania, for example, from Safety Broker. The recommended contact is Andreea Ciplea, phone: +40740672627 / e-mail: [email protected].


Currently, you cannot buy a CASCO insurance policy in Romania. It is recommended to contact the insurance company in your home country. In most  cases, it is possible to extend the insurance coverage to EU.


If you are travelling between cities, you may see the "Roviniete" sign. That means you need the rovinieta to pass this road. You can buy it here (before the trip).


You may pay for parking in a parkomat or use the TPark application.


  • Rome2rio.com –  the site helps to build a route to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry or car.
  • Railway routes for UA refugees – some of these routes might be free for Ukrainians. You will need to  visit a railroad station with your passport and book a ticket in advance.



Romania offers affordable apartments especially during spring and summer when students leave the city.

Please note: A 2-room apartment in Romania ("apartamente 2 camare") means 1 bedroom + 1 living room. If you need 2 separate bedrooms, you need to search for a 3-room apartment ("apartamente 3 camare").

Follow the instructions below to rent an apartment:

  1. Define you needs – the number of rooms, parking availability, budget, city area, etc.
  2. Install WhatsApp. You can also open it in a browser. You'll need it to communicate with agents and apartment owners.
  3. Follow one of these links depending on the city you want to stay in: Bucharest | Iasi | Brasov | Cluj-Napoca.
  4. Translate the website to English using Google Translate.
  5. Filter apartments by price or by the number of rooms.
  6. Open ads with apartments.
  7. Contact the agents with the apartments you like.
  8. Ask questions and provide the agents with the requirements you prepared. 
  9. If you cannot rent a particular apartment (it is unavailable or it does not meet your requirements), ask an agent to start looking for an apartment for you. To do so, share your requirements with the agent in WhatsApp.
  10. Once you have the photos of an apartment you like and all your needs are met, tour the apartment
  11. Tour many apartments at the same time. The more agents help you find a suitable apartment, the more options you will receive, including some that are not listed on specific websites.
  12. Finally, sign a lease.

Here are alternatives to Olx.ro.


Useful information when renting an apartment

  • An agent's commission is 50%. of the rent.
  • The safety deposit typically is 100% of the rent and can be up to can be up to 200% of the rent. 
  • The safety deposit is lost if you decide to stop renting the apartment before the agreed-upon contract end date.
  • The contract should be legal as well as registered in a special Romanian agency – ASAF (Agenția Națională de Administrare Fiscală). This will ensure your legal presence in the rented apartment. Discuss that with the agent.


Free medical services are offered for all UA citizens that come to Romania.

Regina Maria offers free medical services for all UA citizens, please see details here: https://www.reginamaria.ro/servicii-medicale-gratuite-pentru-cetatenii-ucraineni

For information and appointments, call the contact center on 021.9268. Available every day of the week, also in English language.

Medicover Romania supports the Ukrainian refugee mothers with free paediatric consultations and pregnancy monitoring. For details about their free services for Ukrainian parents, please consult: https://www.medicover.ro/despre-noi/medicover-romania-vine-in-sprijinul-mamelor-ucrainene-refugiate-cu-consultatii-gratuite-de-pediatrie-si-monitorizare-sarcina,765,n,453 

Synevo offers free laboratory tests, including for Covid-19 tests. Learn more here. https://www.synevo.ro/oferte/analize-medicale-gratuite-ucraineni/ 


You can call the following organizations to receive professional recommendations for telemedicine services. It works across Romania.

  • "Alopedi": +403 64917 – non stop, medical advices is provided by pediatricians employed by "Cluj-Napoca Pediatric Emergency Hospital".
  • "Peditel": 1791 (non stop, medical advice is provided by pediatricians) or +40 312 272 277 (support in Ukrainian language daily 08:00 - 20:00).
  • "Toxapel": +40 212 106 183 or +40 212 106 282 – the emergency service in case of child poisoning. The medical advice is provided by doctors employed at "Toxycology Department of Grigore Alexandrescu Pediatric Emergency Hospital" in Bucharest.



Below are the most popular and reliable pharmacies across Romania.

Note: DrMax.ro – has free delivery to an offline pharmacy of your choice or your home if an order is above 200 RON.


The following dental clinics offer services to Ukrainians free of charge:

Life Dental Spa

Opera Dental


SSER Romania


Veterinarian Services

SPEED VET offers free veterinary care for pets belonging to Ukrainian citizens. They have two locations in west Bucharest. 


The Vets has three locations in central Bucharest. 



There are several options for banking in Romania and internationally. 


Romanian banks

The information below is for people who are not employed in Romania. Once you are employed and have related documents, you get a much broader access to Romanian financial services. It is recommended to use one of the largest Romanian banks. You can learn all terms and conditions during your visit to a bank. They all offer special conditions for Ukrainians.

  • "Banca Transilvania" – the call center in Ukrainian: +40 264 308 005.
  • "BCR (Banca Comerciala Romana)"the special conditions for Ukrainians. They also offer the UAH-to-RON exchange with the limit 1,000 RON/person. The call center in English and Ukrainian: +40 373 514 244.
  • "ING" – unlike many banks, ING offers internet banking for all Ukrainians (a website and application) with the ability to exchange RON to EUR. 100% of cash operations are done through ATMs only.
  • "Raiffeisen" – currently has no internet-banking for Ukrainians, however, here are the special conditions for Ukrainians offered by the bank.

Some Romanian banks allow you to make deposits. "Banca Transilvania" allows opening deposit accounts.

Please note regarding Romanian banking 

  • The Romanian government guarantees the protection of deposits up to €100,000.
  • The withdrawal commission for EUR accounts is 0.5% for the sum less than €10,000, and 1% if the withdrawal amount exceeds this limit.
  • Some banks do not offer internet banking for foreigners. In these cases, patrons are given read-only access online to check account balance, but they cannot conduct any online transactions.
  • Banks might request additional documents (the source of income, the registration in your home country, etc). In this case, you will have to translate the documents to Romanian, and make these translations "authorized.” Fortunately, this can be easily done at local translation agencies within 1 business day.

International fin services

You for international banking, you may use the following services and mobile apps. Your ability to deposit money to these services depends on your home bank and the account settings.

  • Revolut – quite popular in Romania.
  • Wise.com – the Revolut rival.
  • Monese – the Revolut rival with a rich bank functionality.
  • PayPal.
  • P2P money transfer from a Ukrainian card to a Romanian one using the card number (not IBAN).

Withdrawing money from you home bank card in Romania

When you withdraw money from a Ukrainian card in any Romanian ATM, you will receive either EUR or RON. Always, follow the next steps on the ATM, get a receipt and collect your card. 

Withdraw RON / EUR from ATMs: 2 Options

  1.  Using the "conversion", it may also be called "withdraw in your currency", "accept conversion", etc.  Typically, it is on the right side of the screen, and it provides all the details.
  2.  Also, you typically have the option on the left, which looks less preferable and has no details.

Always selected the second option (on the left). Otherwise, you will lose 8% - 10% from each withdrawal. With the option on the left, your bank, will take care of all the conversion, and it will not take 8-10% from the transfer because you decided to use another bank's ATM.

The rate is the same in all ATMs. ATMs of "BRD Bank" allow to withdraw up to 15,000 RON during a day with the limit of 4,000 RON per transaction.



Ukrainian children can attend indoor and outdoor activities within several selected kindergartens and schools across the country.

Details about Bucharest schools are here and queries can be sent to [email protected]  

Most private institutions offer English speaking personnel, other languages are less frequent. 

The Ministry of Education and private education entities are looking for Ukrainian speaking volunteers (students, Ukrainian teachers, professionals) to cover support and lessons for children. 

More information about schools can be found here.

Online education (Ukrainian schools) 

Alternative to local education is enrolment of children to online schools in Ukraine. This may be done in addition to local education in Romania (to earn a Ukrainian diploma) or as a standalone solution. 

The list of all online schools may be found here



The largest mobile phone provider in Romania is Orange followed by Vodafone. You can check special offers for Ukrainians online.  

Orange offers free prepaid cards for people coming to Romania from Ukraine. The offer details and a list of border crossings where the prepaid cards are available can be found here: Ucraina | Orange

It is recommended that you sign the contract with the operator to bind your Romanian mobile number to your passport. This will increase the security of your phone. This is helpful because banks use SMS as a two-factor authentication mechanism.







The following grocery Romanian stores are popular and reliable.  

Grocery Delivery Services

There are six apps that offer grocery delivery services in Romania:



Most Romanians understand and can speak English well. Here are some tips that will make communication in Romanian easier.

  • Translating content from Romanian Online: since many websites are in Romanian only, it is recommended to translate them using the built-in functionality of your browser (here are required settings in Chrome + its context menu). You can also install the Google Translate browser extension.
  • The "Google Translate" mobile application can help to translate different texts, for example, a menu in a café. It might also help in terms of starting with the basics of Romanian language.
  • WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in Romania.
  • Mobile apps. Some apps, especially the apps for internet banking, can work only if your account has Romania set as your home country. You do not have to change it – in this case you can lose access to some apps from your home country. Instead, for Android phones, you can add another account to "Google Play" with the country set to Romania. To finish the process of creating a new account, you have to bind the Romanian payment method to it – a bank card or you can use the payment method of a Romanian mobile operator. After that, you will be able to download and use Romanian apps.


All Ukrainians or the foreigners with a Ukrainian residence permit must apply for TPS to legally stay in the European Union longer than 90 days.

TPS is the residence permit. In Romania, a TPS (Permis de şedere pentru beneficiarii protecţiei temporare) is a piece of paper with stamps and your photo.

Important information about TPS:

  • You cannot apply for TPS in more than one country.
  • If you apply in one EU country and then decide to be employed in another, that might cause issues. Thus, choose the country for TPS wisely.
  • You can travel in the EU after receiving TPS, but the rules regarding staying/working in other EU countries may be different than those in Romania.
  • If you go to Ukraine after receiving TPS, you will lose it. However, you may be able to apply for it again.
  • If you decide to stay in Romania longer than 90 days apply for TPS as soon as possible.


How to apply for TPS

  • You must apply to the county immigration office.
  • You must have the passport of everyone from your family who applies for protection.
  • Photos of all applicants will be taken. All family members including children must be present. 
  • You will receive the TPS document during the visit. 
  • You must bring your passport. 

Useful information

  • A platform developed to streamline the support that the Romanian population wants to offer to the refugees from Ukraine https://refugees.ro/ 
  • World Vision International and their global team are working on aid relief in the area and have people on the Romanian border: https://twitter.com/WorldVision/status/14975719148517007
  • Dopomoha (Help) is a web support and information platform for migrants fleeing the war in Ukraine. On this platform they will find information on the entry requirements at the border, the procedure for seeking asylum in Romania, their rights and obligations as asylum seekers and useful resources for their stay in Romania. Dopomoha is available in Romanian, Ukrainian, English and Russian and can be accessed through a browser from any device. 
  • https://ukriniasi.ro - a joint community effort to integrate Ukrainians in Iasi City. Whether it's for a long or short term, you'll find here job opportunities and information for a better living in Iasi.
  • Free Railway Routes for UA Refugees - here is a list of all main routes for railway transport across Romania
  • Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and car: https://www.rome2rio.com/ -
  • Refugees.ro – this platform links resources available to displaced Ukrainians (food, shelter, supplies, etc.) from private volunteers.
  • Dopomoha.ro – is a web support and information platform for those fleeing  Ukraine. On this platform they will find information on the entry requirements at the border, the procedure for seeking asylum in Romania, their rights and obligations as asylum seekers and useful resources for their stay in Romania.
  • 0377 300 300 – the hotline for displaced peoples. 

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