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Resettling in Croatia

As a company with more than 14,000 Ukrainian team members, EPAM understands the challenges faced by millions of people across Ukraine, including the many who have been forced to leave the country. Our teams on the ground and around the world have been doing everything possible to support our Ukrainian colleagues and their families. Their safety is our top priority. 

In supporting our colleagues, we have collected the information below about arriving and resettling in a new country, either temporarily or permanently.  We hope it might be useful.

Please note that the information is subject to change at any given time due to rapidly changing circumstances.




Enter Croatia is an official governmental website where you can submit an online announcement of your arrival.

Hrvatska za Ukrajinu is an official governmental website where you can find all necessary information about Croatia, legal stay, rights, medical support, and other helpful information.

Below are permanent border crossing points for the international traffic of passengers:  








To stay in the Republic of Croatia, Ukrainian Citizens typically require a biometric or nonbiometric passport, plus a Croatian visa. However, given the current situation in Ukraine, the Directorate of Civil Protection has temporarily waived the passport requirement for Ukrainian Citizens. (Ravnateljstvo civilne zaštite, 10.03.2022.)  

Entering Croatia without ID?

  • Persons who declare themselves displaced persons from Ukraine to border police at the border crossing of the Republic of Croatia can enter Croatia regardless of whether they have a travel document to cross the state border or not.
  • Source: Croatia for Ukraine - First Reception (gov.hr)

What to do once you cross the border?  

  • Speak with the police at the Croatian border during border control, or  
  • Visit any police station and reception center for foreigners located on the territory of Croatia (this is advised to be done within 48 hours of arrival). 

If you have not organized your own accommodation, upon arrival at the border crossing you will receive information about the nearest accommodation.

Instructions from government of Croatia: arrival to Croatia

Arriving with Pets

The Ministry of Agriculture will allow non-commercial pets to cross the border due to the extraordinary circumstances of the Ukraine crisis. You must declare your pet at the border. Upon receipt of your request and information, you will be contacted by a veterinary inspector who will determine the steps for identifying your pet by chipping and vaccinating against rabies, as well as mandatory registration. The veterinarian will provide all necessary information about the procedure. These activities are free for owners who move their pets from Ukraine. Please limit your pet's contact with other animals and outsiders before the veterinary inspector arrives.




Registering a legal stay in Croatia:

  • When entering the country or applying, it is suggested to apply for a tourist visa that lasts 90 days. 
  • It is advisable to find permanent accommodation as soon as possible (during a period of 90 days). 
  • After signing the lease agreement, it is necessary to certify it with a public notary. 
    • Afterward, submit the signed and certified contract to the local main police office together with Form 16A and list all persons who are at that location. 
  • It is also necessary to apply for temporary protection, which you can do online.


You can apply for your OIB (personal identification number) or for temporary protection at the police station (office) in Petrinjska 73, Monday - Friday until 3:00pm. You can also collect your documents when they are issued at the same location. 

Source: Croatia for Ukraine - First Reception (gov.hr)


The Croatian Government implemented the Directive on the Temporary Protection Mechanism on March 11, 2022. This directive grants refugee ID cards giving all displaced Ukrainian Citizens the right to healthcare, social care, access to the labor market and to school and kindergarten for children. Refugee ID cards will be given retroactively to those in the country prior to March 11, 2022.

The status of temporary protection in the Republic of Croatia includes the right to:

  • reside in the country    
  • an ID card  
  • basic means of living and accommodation   
  • health care   
  • primary and secondary education  
  • information rights and obligations 
  • work    
  • family reunification  
  • freedom of religion 

With temporary protection status, citizens of Ukraine can work in the Republic of Croatia without a residence and work permit or a certificate of employment application.  

In relation to the labor market area, citizens of Ukraine are given the same rights and duties as Croatian citizens and are therefore allowed to:  

  • register in the unemployment register of the Croatian Employment Service and get information about the labor market in the Republic of Croatia  
  • use the services of the Croatian Employment Service, in particular mediation with the aim of finding a job  
  • join job search workshops, including CV writing or how to present to an employer at a job interview   
  • be included in active employment policy measures, traineeship measures and employment support   
  • apply for financial assistance for the duration of education or training in the workplace with the reimbursement of travel expense  
  • apply for one-time cash assistance and reimbursement of travel and moving expenses in the case of employment outside the place of residence  
  • apply for monetary compensation upon termination of employment and throughout and throughout unemployment.



Hrvatske autoceste - Croatian Motorways Ltd. 

Toll rates: https://www.hac.hr/en/toll/toll-rates

HAK is the Croatian auto club 

Road help, traffic flow and road conditions can be found here:https://www.hak.hr/info/stanje-na-cestama?lang=en#traffic-flow-and-road-conditions

Registration of personal vehicle

The vehicle can be registered to a natural person/individual if it has a regulated status in the Republic of Croatia (assigned OIB). It is necessary to perform the homologation (vehicle approval process) in the station for technical inspection and customs duties at customs.

Source: AutoZubak STP



Croatian railway passenger transport provides free transport to Ukrainian citizens on all internal routes  of the Republic of Croatia in the second-class section of the trains. Upon presentation of a Ukrainian passport, identity card or documentation showing the approval of entry into the Republic of Croatia, Ukrainian citizens will be provided a free transport ticket at the box office or on the train.

Source: http://www.hzpp.hr/hrvatska-za-ukrajinu





Ukrainian citizens are given free use of public urban transport on the entire transport network of ZET. A Ukrainian passport, identity card or documentation showing the approval of entry into the Republic of Croatia will grant riders free travel within the city.




If Ukrainian citizens are registered via e-visitor or at a police station, they are granted access to free urgent and regular health checks and service. Please note the following:  

  • It is important to register when entering the country to receive access to healthcare.   
  • Upon arrival and registration at a local police station, people can immediately contact health centers and doctors.  
  • When registering with a doctor, it is necessary to show an identification document (passport, identity card or birth certificate)  


  • Ukrainian citizens have been granted access to free prescriptions and medicines.
  • When obtaining medications, it is necessary to bring an identification document.  


Here is a list of institutions conducting COVID-19 testing: Koronavirus_COVID_19_test  centers  Please note, not all locations offer free testing, and it is necessary to inquire about the price.






It is possible to open a local bank account with the following information:

  • Passport or ID card
  • Confirmation of employment
  • Confirmation of address
  • OIB (personal identification number)

Ukrainian citizens can open a bank account at Erste Bank with their Ukrainian ID or passport.

In addition, Erste Group's subsidiary banks throughout Central Europe are providing Ukrainian refugees with access to free accounts to facilitate money supply and transfers.


To learn about exchanging UAH to HRK, visit https://exc.hr/en/map/ 




  • 112 – emergency room (healthcare)
  • 192 – police
  • 193 - fire brigade
  • 194 - ambulance
  • 195 - search and rescue at sea
  • 1987 - paid road assistance HAK  
  • 144 - dedicated hotline for the care of displaced persons from Ukraine. They provide information in Ukrainian and English about accommodation, nutrition, healthcare, children's education, employment status and other rights.


Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb
Phone number: +385 1 46 16 296  
Email: [email protected] www.mfa.gov.ua/croatia  

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Email: [email protected]  

Ukrainian Community of the Republic of Croatia
Phone number: +385 32 493224   
Mob: +385 95 378 1199   
Email: [email protected]  

Consulate of Ukraine in the Republic of Croatia, Split
Phone number: +385 99 6862 797  
Email: [email protected]  

Consulate of Ukraine in the Republic of Croatia, Omišalj
Phone number: +385 51 842 037  
Email: [email protected]  

Croatian Red Cross
Phone number: +385 1 4655 814  
Email: [email protected]  


email: [email protected] 
phone number: +385 1 3841 931 
mobile phone number: +385 98 9080 460  


Ukrainians in Croatia https://www.facebook.com/groups/1486890921623896/   
SOS UA Ukrajina https://www.facebook.com/groups/sosukrajina/   
Udruga za ukrajinsku kulturu u Dalmaciji CVIT / Society of Ukrainian Culture in Dalmatian "TSVIT" https://www.facebook.com/UUKDCvit   

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As a company with more than 14,000 Ukrainian team members, EPAM understands the challenges faced by millions of Ukrainians, and the hurdles ahead. If looking for your next work opportunity is one of them, we are ready to support you.

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Please note that the information is subject to change at any given time due to rapidly changing circumstances.
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