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JavaScript (Angular) Hiring Week, Kyiv

21 - 25 жовтня, 2019
Kyiv, Ukraine

Apply for a chance to join EPAM’s team of experts – and get a signing bonus of $1,500 (for mid-level specialists) or $2000 (Senior+) in just 24 hours!

Who are we looking for?

Mid-Level and Higher JavaScript (Angular) Engineers

Mandatory Skills:
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for rapid prototyping 
  • Proficient with Angular 5 and RxJS, or at least with Angular 2+ 
  • Experience with UX and Responsive Design 
  • Possess and understanding of all major browsers and the special considerations required for all various quirks 
  • Experience in component base architecture, such as design and refactoring
  • Experience with Git and Github 
  • Good team player, proactive and stable. 
  • English must be enough to communicate with on-site colleagues on a daily basis (Writing B1 Speaking B1 minimum)
Nice to Have Skills:
  • Experience with Agile methodology  
  • Experience with web components, such as Polymer 
  • Working experience with package managers and front-end build tools (NPM, Bower) 
  • Working experience with MobX


  1. Apply via a simple online form, choosing the time slot that suits you best
  2. Receive confirmation of your participation in EPAM Hiring Week. (All applications are considered individually. You will receive a reply within two business days)
  3. Have an online interview. (You are expected to communicate during the time slot you choose; this will be in the form of an online interview)
  4. Have an offline interview. (Based on the results of the online interview, when you understand that EPAM is truly where you would like to build your future career, and we are ready to make you a job offer, we will schedule you an offline interview at an EPAM office in Kyiv the same or the next day. For your convenience, we will arrange a taxi for you)

It's really this easy!




Our client is a global provider of financial markets data and infrastructure with operational headquarters in London, UK. The company has an annual turnover of $6 billion with more than 40,000 client companies. It runs more than 130 fintech data, analytics, trading, and risk assessment tools.

The account has multiple projects that unite hundreds of our employees under one of the largest accounts at EPAM. Projects include feature development, re-engineering and enhancing the existing core features for the client’s risk intelligence applications, data-as-a-service (DaaS) applications and rich JavaScript-based applications. A typical project team includes Javascript Developers of various seniorities, a Business Analyst, a Scrum Master, and Automation QA Engineers. Optionally, a project might have support from a Solution Architect and other roles required for successful product delivery.


The platform we are working on is the ultimate set of tools for analyzing financial markets. It’s more than just a way to access an extraordinary range of data and market-leading news. This powerful app helps to understand the markets and make crucial decisions with industry-leading content and analytics. Collaboration and messaging tools allow sharing and connecting with over 300,000 verified financial professionals. And with the platform’s open technology platform, it is possible to plug into a wide array of apps as well as build specific data displays. The platform’s clients can get the information they need – when and how they want it. At EPAM, we are helping out client to grow, improve and build the planform itself and creating new tools and application so that its clients can manage financial information easier and faster.

The goal of the project is to extend UI Portal functionality by adding new features. The platform is based on Angular 5 and the Polymer framework. The team is following Scrum practices and communicating with their colleagues from the USA. The UI Portal is a part of a larger platform used to build various products for internal and external clients.   

As a Front end/UX Developer, you will be responsible primarily for crafting user experience and building an engaging user interface for our customer-facing applications.  You should have a real passion for usability, an eye for visual consistency, and a knack for reducing the complex to the bare essentials. You will be expected to prototype quickly and devote to production-level code as needed.  


Constant professional development

EPAMers have access to the company’s global expertise through collaboration with clients in Financial Services, Travel & Consumer, Entertainment, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Software & Hi-Tech, and other domains. There are hackathons, where we create innovative solutions for our customers. Our Solution Architecture School, which provides fundamental knowledge of the discipline of solution architecture, is available to EPAMers only.


Get a Signing Bonus of $1,500 (for mid-level) or $2,000 (Senior+) when you accept a Job Offer on the day of the offline interview.


We value your time. That's why the format of this event has been planned so that you can get a new job in just 24 hours. You do not need to plan multiple interviews, wait a long time for the decision, or waste precious time.


EPAM is the largest employer in the Ukrainian IT Industry, with offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Vinnytsia. It is recognized as a market leader by independent research agencies, and has been ranked #12 in the FORBES 25 Fastest-Growing Public Tech Companies and as a top information technology services company with the FORTUNE 100 Fastest-Growing Companies.


Contact us to learn more!

Email: [email protected]

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