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Do you have friends who might be interested in joining the EPAM team? This is great news, as we are expanding our referral program so that non-EPAMers can also refer their friends to open positions in EPAM Ukraine for both in-office and remote positions. 

Starting now, you can submit your recommendations via our partner platform and receive bonuses if the specialists you refer join EPAM. The size of the bonus depends on the candidate’s technical level.



  • For each successful referral where the candidate is hired, the bonus amount specified for the specific role will be paid to the referrer within 30 calendar days from the date of hire.
  • All referral bonus amounts will be transferred by EPAM to administration in the national currency (UAH) at the exchange rate of the NBU as of the date of payment, and are subject to applicable local taxes.
  • All payments are processed by administration according to their payment Policies.
  • You will be notified by our ‘Refer to EPAM’ team if your referral is hired.
  • The bonus amount for a specific vacancy is not subject to negotiation at the submission stage.
  • The initial bonus amount may change if the candidate is assessed by EPAM at a different technical level (both lower and higher).
  • The bonus is paid if the candidate is hired within a month since the last contact at on the matter of the particular referral.

NOTE: EPAM Talent Acquisition Leadership has the right to determine eligibility and payment of all referrals in question.


The referrer is ineligible for a reward payment if:

  • The referred individual has communicated with EPAM regarding a career opportunity within 90 days before the date of referral. The validity of this condition will be checked against our records under EPAM's applicant tracking system.
  • The referred individual is in the active period of another hiring source in EPAM’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • The referred individual has worked for EPAM in the last six months.
  • The referred individual works for an EPAM client or partner where there is a current no-hire agreement.
  • The individual is recommending themselves to EPAM, except in cases where the self-apply option is available.
  • The referred individual is ineligible to work in Ukraine.
  • The referred individual is ineligible for hire based on current labor laws.
  • The referring individual is an EPAM employee (EPAM employees can refer candidates under the internal Referral program).
  • The referred individual is hired into an internship, co-op, entry-level program, or temporary role.
  • The referring individual does not have first-hand personal and/or professional knowledge of the individual being referred and is unable to provide their personal contact information and/or resume.
  • There is any reason to believe that the candidate is being considered for any of the “Prohibited Bases for Hiring Decisions” listed in EPAM’s Anti-Corruption Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Policy
  • The referring individual is an immediate family member of an EPAM employee who is a:
    Member of the Talent Acquisition, Staffing, or Human Resources team; member of Senior Management; decision-maker or potential manager of the referred individual.

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