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Open Business Analysis Community Meet-Up

9 жовтня, 2019
Fabrika Space, Blue Room
1 Blagovishchinska Str., Kharkiv, Ukraine
18:30 – 21:00

We are pleased to invite you to a meet-up for BA  enthusiasts for professional discussion and networking. 

Please confirm your interest by filling an online form to book your seat.


18.30 – 19.00: Registration

19.00 – 19.40:  "Business Analysis Service Strategy 101" by Andy Bondar, Senior Business Analyst @EPAM

19.40 – 20.00: Coffee break

20.00 – 20.40: "Design Thinking. How does a designer think?" by Maryna Aleksandrova, Experience Designer @EPAM

20.40 – 20.50: Coffee break

20.50 – 21.40: "Pragmatic Agile for a fixed-price project" by Olga Lanskykh, Senior Project Manager, Head of BA Unit @EPAM


Senior Business Analyst @EPAM


“Business Analysis Service Strategy 101”

Topic description

For you, as a BA, the team is your everyday customer. And every single day they consume your deliverables and more importantly, they choose to continue working with you. Here are your loyal clients for whom you want to do best and who pay with their time and effort for your service. We will talk about this perception and ways to be The One for the team.

Experience Designer @EPAM


“Design Thinking. How does a designer think?”

Topic description

We will discuss design thinking approach. Define designer and BA responsibilities. Elaborate if we can cooperate much more effectively.

Senior Project Manager, Head of BA Unit @EPAM


“Pragmatic Agile for a fixed-price project”

Topic description

How to manage scope in an Agile way on a Fixed-Price project? Is it even possible to combine "chaotic" Agile and "bureaucratic" Fixed-Price? We’re going to lift the curtain and discuss the rationale behind Fixed-Price contracts and how to make it work if the customer wants to be Agile or changes their mind too often.


Blue Room, Fabrika.Space,
1, Blagoveshchenskaya Str.,


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