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Webinar: Java/Hybris performance monitoring and optimization

24 квіт. 2020
17:00 – 19:00

We are inviting you to a webinar for Java/Hybris Developers. 

In this KT session we will talk about performance monitoring and optimization of Java server applications.

First, we will scratch the surface of performance metrics and desirable results.

Then we will talk about the continuous monitoring process - how it works with the big system. Later, we will tell you some possible problems in Java server applications and possible solutions for these, including problems described from a SAP Commerce Cloud(Hybris) perspective but which are common to every Java backend application.

And finally, a demo on performance issue detection and fix will be awaiting you.


Hybris Software Engineer @EPAM

Mykhailo took part in the development and performance optimization of high-loaded systems, which were successfully served to millions of users. He performs his tasks and writes code with performance in his heart. Mykhailo gladly shares his knowledge with everyone

Senior Performance Analyst @EPAM

Andrii started as an OpsQC engineer and for 3 years was involved in functional (all layers of network devices, monitoring infrastructure) and performance testing (load balancers and other devices, failover investigation, infrastructure scaling) of datacenters around the globe for a leading network-equipment manufacturer.

Andrii was a member of a security group for the last year of his assignment. He had his first experience of leading in the performance-related direction during the PoC of a small-scale DC solution.

Later he switched to mobile, working as a manual QA focusing on Android, but involved in iOS and Web parts. He created from scratch an automated solution capable of covering all three directions.

Three years ago Andrii decided to focus exclusively on Performance – he joined the group at EPAM Lviv. Since then he has been working with Hybris and Java-based  products.


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