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Referral Program

Open Positions for Your Talented Friends

EPAM Ukraine is always ready to welcome smart, talented and technically-advanced software engineers who understand the value of teamwork. If you have friends who meet this description, we invite you to refer them to EPAM openings. If your friend is qualified and gets hired, it’s not just a “win-win” situation – it’s a “win-win-win” situation, because you will benefit from it as well by getting a nice bonus!

Who we are looking for?

Thinkers. EPAM clients all over the globe trust us to solve their complex problems. EPAMers use advanced technologies and focus on the value our solutions bring to our clients. We are not traditional consultants – we are world-class engineers, ready to deliver a turnkey product.

Researchers. If your talented friend is a fan of cutting-edge technologies, EPAM is the right place for him/her. We are growing so fast, so we need true researchers to explore new markets and technologies every day.

Self-developers. Whether you’re moving around EPAM locations or just staying in the same office, you will always find something to learn or someone to learn from. We have plenty of big projects, so new people, new technologies and new challenges are guaranteed.

What you should you know about our Referral Program:

  • You cannot refer yourself, but you can get a bonus a month after your friend joins EPAM.
  • The bonus is paid for referring Software Engineers (Developers) only.
  • A referral is considered successful if:
    • your friend confirms that he/she knows you;
    • you are the first person who recommends this person to EPAM: we get lots of referrals every day and we document them carefully – we note date and time of every submission. So, our decision on who was the first will be accurate and final;
    • your friend meets with us within 30 days from the day we contact him/her;
    • we are interested in hiring your friend within 6 months from the day you referred him/her.

Have you already identified someone who fits the bill? Refer them!

Or contact us if you have any questions:

Refer a friend

Get a bonus

It's highly important for us to get your friend's CV. If you are unable to attach a document through your mobile device, please leave us the link where we can find the resume online.

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