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Practice Head (Advanced Technologies) Mexico

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Practice Head (Advanced Technologies) Description

Job #: 57549
EPAM is committed to providing our global team of 36,700+ EPAMers with inspiring careers from day one. EPAMers lead with passion and honesty and think creatively. Our people are the source of our success and we value collaboration, try to always understand our customers’ business, and strive for the highest standards of excellence. In today’s new market conditions, we continue to support operations for hundreds of clients around the world remotely, with the vast majority of our teams working from home. No matter where you are located, you’ll join a dedicated, diverse community that will help you discover your fullest potential.


You are curious, persistent, logical and clever – a true techie at heart. You enjoy living by the code of your craft and developing elegant solutions for complex problems. If this sounds like you, this could be the perfect opportunity to join EPAM as a Practice Head (Advanced Technologies). Scroll down to learn more about the position’s responsibilities and requirements.


  • Hands-on technical expert, ready for challenges. Influences solution direction
  • Contributes to technical initiatives with consistently positive feedback from stakeholders
  • Required to led SWAT activities outside of primary assignment
  • A role model for engineers in the same area of expertise and specialties
  • Designs and implements the whole System as distinct from the parts for production and operation
  • Approaches solutions systematically considering a whole Platform
  • Able to solve systemic and platform-scale problems
  • Systems Engineering experience, applied Systems Engineering knowledge
  • Deals comfortably with complex platforms and systems and understands how tactical technical decisions affect longevity of the overall solution
  • Able to decompose and recompose complex systems using various approaches such as Systems Engineering and etc
  • Able to adopt emerging technologies for project needs and has a track record of successfully using recent advancements in software technologies and programming languages in production projects
  • Engineers (comes up with the idea) and implements new frameworks or libraries (closed or open-source) that solve technical problems in a new or unique ways that help solve business problems (e.g. specialized rules engine for search and categorization on top of Elasticsearch, NER that is really good at understanding dates in natural language, etc.)
  • Shares knowledge inside and outside of EPAM, promotes engineering culture, helps less mature engineers advance to the next level of their career. Any of the following activities qualify:
    • Mentoring of engineers
    • Active participation in educational programs and trainings
    • Can technically validate and implement a solution designed by an architect of the same level
    • Technical design authority
    • In charge of engineering problems of the implementation
    • Can produce ready-for-implementation low-level design
    • Evangelizes best practices and leads by example
    • Can improve and further evolve engineering practices


  • 7+ years’ hands-on experience with multiple technologies, business domains, programming languages and frameworks
  • Hands-on technical expert with deep knowledge in multiple areas and a variety of experience across different technologies, business domains, programming languages and frameworks
  • Able to engineer and implement critical parts of a complex solution (e.g. a distributed cloud-based system, high-load/low-latency service, heterogeneous system that spans and integrates multiple platforms)
  • Able to adopt emerging technologies for project needs. Able to modernize legacy systems using new technologies. Applies system thinking for analysis, design, implementation
  • Deep understanding and practical experience working in team setups that follow practices accepted in the industry (e.g. flavors of Agile)
  • Develops technical communities and actively participates in knowledge sharing and educational activities (e.g. learning week, Online sessions, etc.)

We offer

  • Career plan and real growth opportunities
  • Unlimited access to LinkedIn learning solutions
  • International Mobility Plan within 25 countries
  • Constant training, mentoring, online corporate courses, eLearning and more
  • English classes with a certified teacher
  • Support for employee’s initiatives (Algorithms club, toastmasters, agile club and more)
  • Enjoyable working environment (Gaming room, napping area, amenities, events, sport teams and more.)
  • Flexible work schedule and dress code
  • Collaborate in a multicultural environment and share best practices from around the globe
  • Hired directly by EPAM & 100% under payroll
  • Law benefits (IMSS, INFONAVIT, 15 days December bonus, 25% vacation bonus)
  • Major medical expenses insurance: Life, Major medical expenses with dental & visual coverage. (For the employee and direct family members)
  • 13 % employee savings fund, capped to the law limit
  • Grocery coupons
  • 10 vacations days plus 2 floating days
  • Official Mexican holidays, plus two extra holidays (December 24th & 31st)
  • Relocation bonus: transportation, 2 weeks of accommodation for you and your family and more