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Refer to EPAM Ukraine and Get a Bonus

External Referral Program for Freelance Recruiters

Your referral is important for us

We are the biggest IT company in Ukraine. We believe that every individual has the potential to unlock their ambition, innovation, and success in the right career.

People are the source of our success, and we want to connect them with dynamic and inspiring careers. Who among your colleagues would be a great fit for EPAM?

If they are hired, you can receive a bonus!

Why does it make sense to submit your recommendation right away?

You will get a bonus within a month after the person joins EPAM

Our program administrator will give you feedback on your recommendation within 24 hours. 

You can choose from the wide variety of vacancies that we have.

Recommend a candidate in just six simple stages:

  1. Submit the candidate’s resume through the form below (5 min)
  2. Get an email confirmation that your recommendation has been accepted (within 24 hours of submission)
  3. Receive an email with details on the possible bonus amount and the documents you need to sign to get it (within 24 hours after the recommendation is accepted)
  4. Candidate processing inside EPAM (from 2 weeks till 1 month after the recommendation is accepted)
  5. If the candidate joins EPAM, we sign an agreement (1 month after confirmation that the candidate has joined EPAM)
  6. Get your bonus (within 1,5 months after the candidate joins EPAM)

Submit your referral and get a bonus

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