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What we do

Today, almost everyone uses the internet frequently and incorporates their mobile devices into their daily routine. At EPAM, we help our customers conquer this segment of the market by developing modern iOS and Android applications for their businesses.

Fast Facts


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Cities: Kharkiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia

Industries We Serve

Travel & Hospitality

Software & Hi-Tech

Retail & Distribution

Media & Business Information Services

People You May Work With

Lead Software Engineer

Lead Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineering Manager

Success story

In early 2014, we started working with a company that provides services for university education.  The customer wanted to improve their mobile application that allows instructors to review students’ work that is uploaded via a web interface. We started developing an iOS app with a team of five people. By the end of Spring 2014, the team proved its engineering expertise, and we gained two Android developers to manage the Android development. Now EPAM's team has taken ownership of the product. The customer supplies the team with the task, and the team drives it from definition to complete release. Since inception, the EPAM team has handled 21 releases of the iOS app and 18 releases of the Android app.

Success story

Senior Software Engineer

Our Processes

We customize our processes for each project individually. Sometimes based on the customer’s requirements (if there any), and sometimes based on our own experience. Having many years of delivery behind us, we know what process will be best suited for the project needs. We try to use the most light-weight and flexible methodologies, like Agile (Scrum and Kanban). For mobile development, Scrum is often the best fit because everything in it is quick and dynamic.

Different roles in one team help us to deliver end-to-end solutions, and these roles include:

  • iOS | tvOS / Android / SAP Mobile developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Team Lead
  • Project Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Business Analyst

Technologies & Tools We Use

We use the most cutting-edge technologies today to keep up with the technology demands of tomorrow. In EPAM Ukraine, we have mostly iOS and Android development with the help of:

  • Swift
  • React Native
  • SAP Mobile
  • Variety of libraries and tools for CI

Life in the EPAM Mobile Team

The mobile development market changes every day, and one person cannot keep up with everything that’s happening. That’s why we have communities in EPAM. For example, the Vinnytsia Mobile Community meetings take place twice a month and allow engineers to gain new knowledge in the fastest time possible.

Skilled senior or lead engineers, who are passionate about technology, guide the community. They help other community members explore new mobile technology on the market and present it to the team. Presenters are mostly junior and middle engineers that want to learn how to work with a large volume of information and boost their public speaking skills.