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Benefits We Offer

  • MEDICAL INSURANCE: dental services, chronic disease treatment, holistic medicine
  • WELLNESS: internal sport communities, external clubs
  • REMOTE WORK: depending on the project and manager approval, working remotely is permitted
  • EDUCATION & CONTINUOUS LEARNING: trainings, programs, certifications, communities, English classes
  • CORPORATE DISCOUNTS: sports clubs, shops, travel agencies, restaurants


EPAM’s University Program is an opportunity for students and entry-level professionals to learn the competitive skills they need to contribute to the global IT sector. The program is open to students in their third year of college through post-graduation.


We currently have 20+ technical communities, and we are always ready to support new communities or ideas. Our communities participate in regularly scheduled meetings, tech talks, meetups, brainstorming sessions, activities outside of the office and online discussions. Discover some of the largest and most popular EPAM UA technical communities.


We encourage you to learn at EPAM through our professional development initiatives and we have many opportunities available to support your professional growth!